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Below are a few servers that offer free personal homepages.

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Please note; From what I have seen there doesn't seem to that many servers offering free homepages.

I would try to become a member somewhere while there is a vacancy. This means I can't promise these servers will always offer free web pages(get those memberships while you can)

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One Word or Phrase

Angelfire Communications (

2MB webspace free

TopTown (

10MB of free webspace

GeoCities (

2MB of free webspace

TeenWorld Online (

You get 1MB of free webspace

Tripod (

200KB of Free Webspace

The Phrantic Project- Trailerpark (

5MB of free webspace

Hong Kong's Online Cybercity (

Not sure

WebChat Broadcasting System (

Not Sure

FreeTown (

Not Sure

Critters Choice (

Webspace only for pet stuff



Bran Promotions (

get a free page here if it does not exceed 100k


promote their long distance calling

MarketNet (

Not Sure

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